The purpose of Andrew’s Coaching is to guide you to a healthier, happier, and more functional state of being, from which you can realise your true potential and make the most of all aspects of your life.

The Coaching work Andrew does with his clients is best described as Holistic Personal Development. In this case ‘Holistic’ means that the whole of an individual’s being is included in the process. This ‘Holism’ is essential in order to effect profound and lasting change.

To borrow a term from the business world; what we need to achieve is vertical integration of positive change. This means that every level from the physical; through the energetic; emotional; mental; psychic; and spiritual, are included in the process of personal change and development. While we may focus more on certain areas that need greater work, there is always a consideration of the interdependence of all levels of your being. By achieving this vertical integration, you put into effect the principle that ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’. A synergy is achieved in healing, liberation, and actualization of your potential.

Andrew’s background in the Wisdom Traditions of China, Tibet and Native America makes him ideally suited to guide you on a truly holistic journey of personal healing and development. Inherent in these traditions is a profound and highly developed understanding of the interrelationships between all aspects of your being, and powerful methods to heal, balance, integrate, and empower your body, energy, mind, and spirit.

You will understand your personal issues, their root causes, and the interdependence between all aspects of your being in a way that leads to profound shifts, transformations, and releases at the physical, energetic, emotional, mental, psychic, and spiritual levels.

When you achieve a measure of inner freedom, your mind, energy and body can relax and heal at the physical, energetic, and mental-emotional levels. This releases your true potential and makes available to you vast reserves of vitality and energy that have been bound up in tension and blockage.

Many physical health conditions can improve or even disappear, your mood improves, your mental clarity dramatically develops, and you become more focused, positive, energised, and confident.

Coaching takes place in-person and also via Skype etc. It is recommended to meet in person at least once, in order to receive more detailed corrections to certain Energy Work (Qigong) practices.

Coaching requires a certain level of commitment in order to be effective. Through experience, Andrew has determined that a minimum of five sessions is needed to effect and integrate lasting change.


Andrew's approach to guiding his clients through their holistic personal development can be summed up in the following words:



Understanding is the key to effecting change. We cannot fix something if we don’t first understand it, and thereby understand what is wrong with it. In this case you need to develop an understanding of how you function as a human being, and the interrelationships and interdependencies between all aspects of your being. This leads to an understanding of where your problems fit in this continuum, at what levels they reside, what the root causes are, and what you need to do to resolve them. Understanding in itself can be transformative and lead to spontaneous insight and transformative change.

Andrew is highly skilled at guiding you to a profound and and life-changing understanding of yourself. You will see interconnections between the various aspects of yourself and your life that radically increase your self-knowledge, and open up a clear roadmap to greater peace, vitality, power, and potential.


By applying methods of release and transformation at the appropriate levels of your being, you gain experience of healing, rebalancing, and development of your potential. You also gain progressively deeper insight and understanding of yourself as a whole.

The methods used in Andrew’s Coaching include techniques of Meditation, Mindfulness, Intent, Breathing, Energy Work, and Lifestyle and Dietary changes, as well as guidance on therapies that can assist your process. As you experience healing, positive transformation, and development of your potential, you gain greater confidence in your ability to pursue a path of Holistic Personal Development, which in turn brings greater benefits - a virtuous circle.


Understanding and Experience are not of much use if they aren’t integrated into your life. A common problem many people face when they start the process of self-knowledge and spiritual development is that they have some peak experiences, but those experiences do not become integrated in their being, so very little changes in practical day-to-day terms.

The fact is that peak experiences are not that hard to come by, certainly compared to the deeper work of integration. Without integration, these experiences and flashes of wisdom are like having a great idea for an invention, but never patenting it, manufacturing it, and marketing it. They do not bring many lasting real-life benefits if not integrated in your daily existence.

However, integration does not have to be gruelling or tedious; it can be very enjoyable and uplifting when approached correctly. In keeping with Andrew’s approach of Naturalness and Freedom, he will guide you to integrate what you have learned and experienced in a continuous process free of tension and resistance.


Coaching is a process that requires a minimum number of sessions and a certain amount to time to fully bear fruit. However, prior to committing to a Coaching relationship, you are welcome to book a one-off Consultation with Andrew. You will not only gain great benefit from the Consultation, but also get a clear sense of what the Coaching process will be for you personally.

Prices are €120 for Consultations, and €550 for a block of 5 Coaching sessions.

For more information or to book sessions please use the email link below.