Andrew is a fully qualified practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), has a BSc Honours degree in TCM, and is a member of the British Acupuncture Council.

He treats his patients using: Acupuncture; other TCM methods such as Cupping and Moxabustion; Traditional Chinese Herbal Formulas; and additional healing methods from the Tibetan and Native American Wisdom Traditions.

In addition to his training in TCM, Andrew studied the spiritual, energetic, and physical healing methods of the Taoist, Tibetan, and Native American traditions in depth with many of the greatest living masters of those traditions.

Over decades of personal practice and work with clients, Andrew has developed an ability to perceive, diagnose, and intuit the state of an individual's health at all levels of their being, and to understand what treatment or action is necessary to overcome their imbalances, problems, and illnesses.

In particular, while always having reference to his patients' physical health, Andrew looks for the deeper causes of any issues at the more profound energetic, mental-emotional, psychic, karmic and spiritual levels. When present, blockages and imbalances at these levels are often the key to resolving the more visible symptoms that manifest at the level of physical health. This is particularly the case where other therapies and/or Western Medical treatment have failed to resolve the issue.

Andrew has found that many people are unaware how how beneficial these modes of treatment can be for certain conditions, including: fertility issues; mental/emotional issues; and musculoskeletal problems (especially knee and back pain).


Andrew normally effects significant change in a patient’s condition with as few as 1or 2 treatments. It is rare for a patient of Andrew’s to need more than 5 treatments for any given issue (unless they are occasional follow-up sessions to maintain the new state of balance). Healing at this level is very dependent on the connection between the healer and the patient, and therefore shifts and improvements usually happen quickly or not at all. Andrew’s goal is always to help his patients as quickly as possible and empower them to move permanently into a new ‘upgraded’ state of wellness and balance.

Healing sessions last 45 mins (1hr for the first appointment) and cost €120