Qigong (pronounced ‘Chi Gung’) means ‘Energy Work’ in Chinese, and this refers to methods of working directly with the life-energy that flows through your body, at various levels, to clear blockages, balance your energetic system, and enhance your vitality and clarity.

Benefits of Qigong include: less stress; greater energy levels; the release and self-healing of many neck, back, and joint problems; greater mental focus and clarity; greater emotional stability; increased stamina and physical performance; internal power, and progressive and natural spiritual development.

There are several different traditions of Qigong that have been passed down to us over the centuries: Taoist, Buddhist, Confucian, Medical, and Martial being the main categories. Each have their particular emphasis, but all share the basic methodology of using movement, breath, mental intent, and specific postures to connect and work with your life-energy or Qi.

Andrew teaches Taoist Qigong, because the Taoist system provides the benefits of all the other systems, plus a very natural and relaxed process of personal and spiritual development. It is also an excellent antidote to the fast and furious pace modern life.

In Taoist Qigong, there is a fundamental emphasis on Release, Naturalness, Freedom, Tranquility, and Self-acceptance.

The Taoist approach is inherently gentle and safe, which is an important consideration when engaging in powerful Energy Work.

Wisdom Qigong represents the distillation of the core principles of Taoist Energy Work, known as Neigong or ‘Inner Work’, in a system that is progressive, comprehensible, and relatively easy to learn.

As well as representing a comprehensive Qigong system, these core principles form the basis of Tai Chi and the other Taoist internal martial arts (Hsing-I and Ba Gua). You will learn many useful aspects of these powerful energetic arts, in a non-martial context, for your health and self-development.


Andrew teaches Wisdom Qigong in three principal levels, with additional self-contained modules to deepen the student’s practice and abilities.

The purpose of these three levels is to teach you the core principles of Taoist Energy Work, which you can then apply in any form and any movement.

These additional modules contain specific Qigong sets that bring various health, vitality, and psycho-spiritual benefits. Beginners are welcome.

LEVEL 1 Open to all - no prior experience required

Benefits of Level 1 include: a calmer mind and emotions; the healing of musculoskeletal problems, as well as a wide variety of internal health issues; better sleep; greater vitality; and a profound sense of ease and comfort in one's own body.

The aim of Level 1 is to both introduce you to Qigong and also to quickly awaken your ability to harmonize and develop your Qi energy as well as create a solid foundation for further progress.

In themselves, the skills learned in Level 1 form a powerful and complete system of Energy Work.

For convenience due to people’s busy lifestyles, Level 1 is often taught in two modules (two full-day workshops) called the Yin Module and the Yang Module. You can start with either module and take the other subsequently. Each module brings benefits in itself.

In Level 1 of Wisdom Qigong you will learn to:

Awaken your awareness of your Energy
Align your body for optimum Qi flows
Develop your knowledge of the core pathways for Qi within your body
Settle your Qi energy
Initiate Taoist Breathing
Reintegrate your body
Pulse your energy
Spiral your energy
Circulate Qi internally and externally
Relax your nervous system
Release tension
Enter Naturalness

LEVEL 2 level 1 required prior

Level 2 builds on the core skills developed in Level 1and ignites rapid progress in your Qigong journey.

Level 2 gives you the knowledge and the tools to work on the deepest aspects of the connection between your physical body and your Qi energy.

It also introduces powerful techniques to start developing a direct connection between your Mind and your Qi, transcending the physical. In Level 2 you start to enter the profound meditational aspects of Wisdom Energy Work.

Practical benefits of Level 2 include: dramatically enhanced energetic power, a more relaxed and flexible body, fast and fluid movement, reintegration of Body, Energy and Mind, spinal and joint release at a deep level, and enhanced healing of physical conditions.

Additionally, Level 2 starts you on the path to integration with Change as a universal principle - you will learn to powerfully unblock stuck physical, energetic, and mental-emotional patterns, freeing up your potential at all levels of your being while allowing even long-standing health and mental-emotional issues to dissolve away.

All the skills learned in Level 1 are further developed in Level 2, as there is an every-deepening circle of progression through the methods of Taoist Energy Work.

In Level 2 of Wisdom Qigong you will learn to:

Develop your Mind-Qi connection
Guide your Qi
Sink your Qi into the Earth
Pulse the structures and joints of your body
Integrate pulsing and spiralling
Activate your Spinal Energy
Unify Body, Energy and Mind
Practice Circle Walking Qigong
Gather Cosmic Energy
Embrace Change
Awaken Internal Power
Unbind the Qi
Enter Stillness

LEVEL 3 levelS 1 & 2 required prior

Level 3 builds on the skills learned and developed in Levels 1 and 2, but takes them to a whole new level.

You learn to use Wisdom Qigong as an incredibly powerful system of meditation and spiritual development, and forge a profound connection between your Awareness and your Mind, Energy and Body.

You will begin to dissolve the barriers between your Body, your Energy, your Mind, and your Spirit or pure Awareness - as well as the distinction between what is internal and external to your being.

Your sense of effort and sense of self is released into a space of effortless flow and presence as you follow the natural changes of energy in the space within and around you.

You begin to truly understand the meaning of Wu Wei or ‘Effortless Action’, as you start to become one with the flows and manifestation of the universe of which you are an integral part.

In the process; your ability to work with your Energy, your internal power, and your ability to self-heal, dramatically increase.

In Level 3 of Wisdom Qigong you will learn to:

Meditate in movement
Modulate your Mind and Energy
Breathe with your whole being
Follow your Qi
Enter Spontaneity
Develop Dragon Body
Expand stillness
Open your Awareness
Unbind the Mind
Become Change
Practice Wu Wei

additional QIGONG modules Open to all - no prior experience required

These learning modules are extremely powerful and beneficial Qigong sets in their own right. They can form the starting point for your Qigong journey, or can deepen the abilities and understanding that you have already gained.

The abilities and knowledge you gain in Levels I, II, and III of Wisdom Qigong turbocharge these Qigong sets, and in turn, these Qigong sets provide powerful ways of applying and deepening those core skills.

All of these Qigong sets incorporate the core principles of Taoist Qigong (Neigong); simply manifesting them in varying ways for differing emphasis and approach. 

This variety caters for peoples’ varying energetic, emotional, and mental natures: it provides methods that suit the individual, but also can give you a new perspective on states of being that you don’t normally manifest. 

This can help to release you from stuck personality patterns and energetic, emotional, and mental paradigms.

Beginners are welcome.


A powerful Medical Qigong system consisting of 7 movements that works directly with the Eight Extraordinary Meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
You will clear blockage at the level of your Qi, Emotions, and Mind.
Cleansing Qigong can bring many benefits including: physical healing, a rapid energetic and physical detox, the cleansing of negative emotions, expanded awareness, and enhanced vitality and power.


This Qigong set includes the core energetic techniques of Hsing-I Chuan (Form and Mind Fist); one of the principle Taoist Internal Martial Arts. Hsing-I practitioners are known for their mental acuity, energetic and physical vitality, and power, as well as their longevity. The five main techniques of Hsing-I bring enormous benefits to your health, vitality, clarity, and longevity. They detox and strengthen the Five main organ systems of your body, and balance and strengthen the energy of the Five Elements within you.

This set also helps you release emotional and mental constriction, and find a renewed sense of vigour and liveliness within yourself.

Please note: this is not a martial arts workshop, and you will not be required to engage in any kind of martial activity.


Dynamic Qigong consists of very ancient Taoist Circle Walking Qi and Meditational techniques, which can dramatically enhance your internal energy, clear long-standing blockages, develop open Awareness, increase vitality, free your Body and Mind of constriction, and help you integrate with Change as a universal principle.

You will work with your own Qi and the Qi of your environment in a series of spirals, spheres, and vortices. Dynamic Qigong works in four dimensions: the three dimensions of Space; and the dimension of Time.

These methods form the basis of the Taoist Internal Martial Art of Ba Gua Zhang (Eight Trigram Palm), but predate the martial art by many thousands of years. Dynamic Qigong operates at the physical, Qi, and spiritual levels simultaneously.


This ancient Taoist Qigong set represents the culmination of all the Taoist Neigong (Inner Work) principles, and yet it consists of just 6 very simple movements. While it works your Qi very powerfully, and helps heal and balance you physically and energetically, its special power lies in its effect on your spirit or Shen.

Spirit Qigong unites your Body, your Energy, and your Mind. It awakens the life-force within you; clears and energizes your brain; cleanses your emotional; mental, and psychic energies; and connects you to your three Dantien - key chakras or energy centres that govern your entire being. It works directly with your central energy channel to clear spiritual blockages.

While you can learn this Qigong as a beginner, and benefit immediately, it deepens immeasurably with time, practice, and the development of your Taoist Neigong skills in general.


The goal of the Teacher Training programme is to certify a select group of individuals to teach Levels 1 and 2 of Wisdom Qigong. 

Candidates will need to demonstrate: a consistent ability to manifest the principles embodied in these levels; a comprehensive understanding of the system as a whole; and the ability to teach it to others.

Qigong Levels 1-3, 5 Element Qigong, Dynamic Qigong, Spirit Qigong, Wisdom Meditation, and Wisdom Living are prerequisites for entering Teacher Training.

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