Qigong (pronounced ‘Chi Gung’) means ‘Energy Work’ in Chinese, and this refers to methods of working directly with the life-energy that flows through your body, at various levels, to clear blockages, balance your energetic system, and enhance your vitality and clarity.

Benefits of Qigong include: less stress; greater energy levels; the release and self-healing of many neck, back, and joint problems; greater mental focus and clarity; greater emotional stability; increased stamina and physical performance; internal power, and progressive and natural spiritual development.

There are several different traditions of Qigong that have been passed down to us over the centuries: Taoist, Buddhist, Confucian, Medical, and Martial being the main categories. Each have their particular emphasis, but all share the basic methodology of using movement, breath, mental intent, and specific postures to connect and work with your life-energy or Qi.

Andrew teaches Taoist Qigong, because the Taoist system provides the benefits of all the other systems, plus a very natural and relaxed process of personal and spiritual development. It is also an excellent antidote to the fast and furious pace modern life.

In Taoist Qigong, there is a fundamental emphasis on Release, Naturalness, Freedom, Tranquility, and Self-acceptance.

The Taoist approach is inherently gentle and safe, which is an important consideration when engaging in powerful Energy Work.

Wisdom Qigong represents the distillation of the core principles of Taoist Energy Work, known as Neigong or ‘Inner Work’, in a system that is progressive, comprehensible, and relatively easy to learn.

As well as representing a comprehensive Qigong system, these core principles form the basis of Tai Chi and the other Taoist internal martial arts (Hsing-I and Ba Gua). You will learn many useful aspects of these powerful energetic arts, in a non-martial context, for your health and self-development.


Andrew teaches Wisdom Qigong in three principal modules or levels, with a fourth to help experienced students develop further. Each level provides the foundation for the next level and greatly accelerates the learning process. Please note that prior experience in other forms of Qigong, while it may be helpful, does not change the need to start with Level 1 - Taoist Neigong techniques are not present in most other Qigong systems.


FOUNDATION Open to all - no prior experience required

Wisdom Qigong Foundation is a shorter format for learning much of the information in Level 1, but over a longer period of time, as in several classes or mini-workshops.

Foundation of Wisdom Qigong can be an excellent way to ‘dip your toe in the water’ of Taoist Energy Work, and will inspire you to deepen your journey into this life-changing world.

Foundation provides a boost for Level 1 learning, but it is not a requirement in order to take Level 1.

Benefits of Foundation are the same as in Level 1.

LEVEL 1 Open to all - no prior experience required

Benefits of Level 1 include: a calmer mind and emotions; the healing of musculoskeletal problems, as well as a wide variety of internal health issues; better sleep; greater vitality; and a profound sense of ease and comfort in one's own body.

The aim of Level 1 is to both introduce you to Qigong and also to quickly awaken your ability to harmonize and develop your Qi energy as well as create a solid foundation for further progress.

In themselves, the skills learned in Level 1 form a powerful and complete system of Energy Work.

For convenience due to people’s busy lifestyles, Level 1 is often taught in two modules (two full-day workshops) called the Yin Module and the Yang Module. You can start with either module and take the other subsequently. Each module brings benefits in itself.

In Level 1 of Wisdom Qigong you will learn to:

Awaken your awareness of your Energy
Align your body for optimum Qi flows
Develop your knowledge of the core pathways for Qi within your body
Settle your Qi energy
Initiate Taoist Breathing
Reintegrate your body
Pulse your energy
Spiral your energy
Circulate Qi internally and externally
Relax your nervous system
Release tension
Enter Naturalness

LEVEL 2 level 1 required prior

Level 2 builds on the core skills developed in Level 1and ignites rapid progress in your Qigong journey.

Level 2 gives you the knowledge and the tools to work on the deepest aspects of the connection between your physical body and your Qi energy.

It also introduces powerful techniques to start developing a direct connection between your Mind and your Qi, transcending the physical. In Level 2 you start to enter the profound meditational aspects of Wisdom Energy Work.

Practical benefits of Level 2 include: dramatically enhanced energetic power, a more relaxed and flexible body, fast and fluid movement, reintegration of Body, Energy and Mind, spinal and joint release at a deep level, and enhanced healing of physical conditions.

Additionally, Level 2 starts you on the path to integration with Change as a universal principle - you will learn to powerfully unblock stuck physical, energetic, and mental-emotional patterns, freeing up your potential at all levels of your being while allowing even long-standing health and mental-emotional issues to dissolve away.

All the skills learned in Level 1 are further developed in Level 2, as there is an every-deepening circle of progression through the methods of Taoist Energy Work.

In Level 2 of Wisdom Qigong you will learn to:

Develop your Mind-Qi connection
Guide your Qi
Sink your Qi into the Earth
Pulse the structures and joints of your body
Integrate pulsing and spiralling
Unify Body, Energy and Mind
Practice Circle Walking Qigong
Gather Cosmic Energy
Embrace Change
Awaken Internal Power
Unbind the Qi
Enter Stillness


LEVEL 3 levelS 1 & 2 required prior

Level 3 builds on the skills learned and developed in Levels 1 and 2, but takes them to a whole new level.

You learn to use Wisdom Qigong as an incredibly powerful system of meditation and spiritual development, and forge a profound connection between your Awareness and your Mind, Energy and Body.

You will begin to dissolve the barriers between your Body, your Energy, your Mind, and your Spirit or pure Awareness - as well as the distinction between what is internal and external to your being.

Your sense of effort and sense of self is released into a space of effortless flow and presence as you follow the natural changes of energy in the space within and around you.

You begin to truly understand the meaning of Wu Wei or ‘Effortless Action’, as you start to become one with the flows and manifestation of the universe of which you are an integral part.

In the process; your ability to work with your Energy, your internal power, and your ability to self-heal, dramatically increase.

In Level 3 of Wisdom Qigong you will learn to:

Meditate in movement
Modulate your Mind and Energy
Breathe with your whole being
Follow your Qi
Enter Spontaneity
Develop Dragon Body
Expand stillness
Open your Awareness
Unbind the Mind
Become Change
Practice Wu Wei


QI MASTERY - Levels 1, 2, and 3 required prior

At the Qi Mastery level you will be given specific practices to greatly enhance your development, remedy any gaps or defects in your practice, and focus on the specific areas that you wish to develop - whether they be healing ability, vitality, longevity, physical power and speed, mental and emotional clarity, or spiritual development.

At this level your path naturally becomes less systematic and more spontaneous and individualised. Andrew will help you develop your awareness of and confidence in your own inner teacher - your innate Wisdom.

The balance between Method and Wisdom will be explored, and Andrew will give you personal guidance with regard to which practices you should be emphasising.

The Qi Mastery level has no set program as it fits with the needs and abilities of the individual participants. Practices are taught and transmitted at this level that absolutely require the preparation of the first three levels.

It is strongly recommended (but not required) that students take the Wisdom Meditation modules before beginning Qi Mastery.



The goal of the Teacher Training programme is to certify a select group of individuals to teach Levels 1, 2 and 3 of Wisdom Qigong. 

Candidates will need to demonstrate: a consistent ability to manifest the principles embodied in these levels; a comprehensive understanding of the system as a whole; and the ability to teach it to others.

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