what is wisdom meditation?

Wisdom Meditation embodies the core principles of the great non-dual spiritual traditions of China and Tibet: the teachings of Taoism and Dzogchen.

The emphasis in Wisdom Meditation is on developing your ability to be present, aware, and to progressively deepen your clarity until you are able to enter Pure Awareness, your real nature beyond the limits of the conceptual mind.

In the process, you dissolve away tensions and blockages at every level of your being: energetic, emotional, mental, psychic, and even karmic.

While the end goal may be spiritual realization, the process itself is deeply liberating, and enhances your life at every level: bringing you greater equanimity, peace of mind, clarity, and happiness.

Andrew has divided his teachings of Wisdom Meditation into three modules. There is a progression through the modules, and the capabilities developed in each module are essential in order gain the full benefits of the next.

It is highly recommended (but not required) that students wishing to learn Wisdom Meditation also take at least Foundation or Level 1 of Wisdom Qigong. The energy work in Wisdom Qigong can dramatically enhance the experience of learning Wisdom Meditation (and vice versa).


Benefits of Level 1 include: calmer emotions; greater mental focus and clarity; greater self-awareness; greater energy levels; and the release of stress.

In this level of Wisdom Meditation, there is an emphasis on breath work. Your breath is connected with your Energy, not only at the level of the Qi that circulates in your body, but also the energy of your Emotional, Mental, and Psychic aspects.

You will learn powerful Taoist techniques that utilize this connection to awaken your inner awareness, to discover what lies within you at every level of your being, and to release tension and blockage wherever you encounter it.

You will learn to:

  • Calm your nervous system

  • Release the ‘rev’ in your energy

  • Release tension and energetic blockage held in your internal organs.

  • Release body armouring

  • Awaken your lower Tantien energy centre

  • Develop standing meditation practice

  • Scan your body for trapped Qi, Emotional, Mental, and Psychic energies, and dissolve outwardly

  • Develop your breath awareness, to connect with your internal energies and release tensions

  • Detect and release subtle emotional, mental, and psychic tensions, before they amplify and manifest.

  • Work directly with your Qi and Emotional Energy bodies to clear tensions and blockages

  • Initiate moving meditation


In Level 2 of Wisdom Meditation, you will deepen your journey into the more subtle and powerful energetic levels of your being.

You will start to explore and release the holographic matrix of energetic tensions held in your various Energy Bodies, or energetic levels of your being.

You will integrate stillness and movement, and discover the inseparability of the two.

You will then move towards discover of your non-dual, non-conceptual awareness, the basic ground of your existence.

You will start to apply this presence to the unbinding of your Body, Energy, and Mind.

You will learn to:

  • Use movement to enter Stillness

  • Understand and develop ‘Stillness within Movement and Movement within Stillness’

  • Connect with and explore your Eight Energy Bodies to clear tensions at every level of your being, releasing your ‘ghosts’

  • Dissolve tension, blockage and trauma into inner space

  • Awaken your upper Tantien energy centre

  • Develop unwavering attentiveness

  • Integrate inner and outer space

  • Discover non-conceptual Awareness

  • Practice Open Presence

  • Develop an Unbound Body, Energy and Mind


In Level 3 of Wisdom Meditation, you will build on the deep foundations of Levels 1 and 2; to deepen you self-knowledge, your understanding of the subtle aspects of your being; and your inherent connections to the universe as a whole. You will continue to develop your Presence and Open Awareness, and deepen the process of unwinding your Energetic, Emotional, Mental, Psychic, Karmic, and Egoic tensions. You will be introduced to extremely powerful spiritual practices to help with this process, including methods working with the energies of the Earth, the Cosmos, and the living presence of Nature.

You will also learn practices that access the deeper energetic structures of the Body, including the central or middle Tantien energy center, where the Hsin or Heart-Mind resides.

The teaching in Level 3 takes a more freeform approach than in the previous two levels, as students are now moving into deeper connection and awareness, and need to be guided as appropriate to the individuals and the group as a whole.

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