what is wisdom living?

Wisdom Living is a single-module course that encompasses the full range of issues related to achieving greater health, vitality, peace of mind, longevity, and clarity - all in the context of your daily life.

The goal of Wisdom Living is to give you a clear conceptual framework for greater understanding of your own physical, energetic, emotional, mental, psychic, and spiritual being - with an emphasis on understanding your personal strengths and weaknesses, balance and imbalances. As a result you will discover your path to great harmony with yourself and your world.

You will learn about the interconnections of all aspects of your being with your environment, lifestyle, habits, mental/emotional patterns, diet, and personal relationships. From this place of greater understanding of yourself and your connection with your world, you will be shown clear pathways to overcoming issues at every level of your being, and to achieving your true potential.

Wisdom Living cuts through the confusion of the self-help and natural health worlds, and gives you time-tested wisdom and methods from the ancient traditions, that is as relevant today (perhaps more so) as ever. Above all, Wisdom living gives you understanding, which leads to self-empowerment.

Wisdom Living is an extremely useful course for people who are studying Wisdom Qigong and Wisdom Meditation as it broadens even further your self-knowledge and understanding of how the universe functions and your connections to it.


Understanding the role of the Five Elements in yourself and your life
Your Three Aspects of Body, Energy, and Mind
The true meaning of Spirit and Spirituality
Psychic and Emotional self-protection
The energetics of food
The importance of environment
Connecting to Nature
Discovering your personal energetic pattern
Discerning healthy and unhealthy personal relationships
Discovering your spiritual path
Understanding therapies in the context of your needs
How to enhance your Energy and Vitality
Achieving Clarity
The secrets of Longevity
Connecting with your inner Wisdom

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