Consultations differ from Coaching in that they are self-contained and specifically focused, whereas Coaching is an ongoing process. 

If you wish to gain a greater understanding of specific aspects of your life, whether it be your health, mental-emotional wellbeing, spiritual path, work, relationship or other life issues, a consultation can be an excellent way of connecting with Andrew and get the benefit of his expertise. Andrew is open to whichever you area you wish to focus on, and will help you understand it in the context of all the other aspects of your being. He will offer guidance on how you might deal with those specific issues that you bring up, as well as advice on a personal holistic approach to achieving your goals.

As part of a Consultation, Andrew may guide you through breathing exercises and/or meditation, and you can also specifically request this.

Andrew is often able to spontaneously perceive the hidden factors behind the issues you may be facing and to offer you clear advice and solutions.

A Consultation may lead to a Coaching relationship, or to Treatment, or it may simply be a beneficial individual session - to be repeated if and when the client desires. There is no ongoing obligation in having a consultation. As with our all our relationships in life, the healing and coaching relationship is something that if it is meant to be, will be spontaneously present and develop naturally. Andrew believes strongly that his relationships with his clients, as in all things, must adhere to the principle of Naturalness. There are no coincidences in the meeting of healer and patient, when operating at profound levels.

Consultations are in person or by voice call. I-Ching consultations are done in writing, via email. Please contact Andrew for more information.

Consultations are €120, and normally last one hour.


Many clients gain enormous insight and benefit from I-Ching consultations with Andrew. The I-Ching or Book of Changes is an extremely ancient Taoist text that comprehensively describes the patterns of energy in the universe that underlie all manifestation and events. More specifically, the I-Ching describes the changes that are constantly occurring to these patterns and how they transform from one into another. Hence the Book of Changes. 

The value of the I-Ching lies in its ability to help us connect with the underlying patterns of Change in our lives and in the world as a whole, and to gain insight into how circumstances and events are changing now and how they are likely to change in the future. Through this we can understand the unseen forces acting upon us and the world, and choose appropriate courses of action to navigate life in the most harmonious, beneficial and successful way.

Andrew trained for many years in the ancient Taoist tradition to which the I-Ching belongs, receiving many related transmissions. He further developed his connection to the I-Ching through his personal practice and development. The I-Ching is on a spiritual level a living entity.

Everything that occurs to you, within you, and around you, is the manifestation of these underlying energy patterns. Understanding what state these patterns are in at any given time - and how they are likely to change - can be of huge benefit in all aspects of your life. It can give you a profound insight into your health, mental-emotional wellbeing, relationships, financial decisions, career, societal and political trends that affect you, and spiritual path.

Sometimes the I-Ching is misunderstood as a kind of fortune-telling method. It is a tool of prediction in a sense: just as if you had every single detail on the health and performance of every racehorse, you might be able to make very accurate decisions about the likelihood of any horse winning or placing; with the insight into the underlying energy patterns of a situation gained through consulting the I-Ching, you can gain a very accurate understanding of the likelihood of it turning out a certain way. In addition you gain insight into the underlying situation itself, the why of what is happening, in terms of the fundamental flows of energy taking place. This gives you the ability to make deeply informed decisions, that swim with current, rather than fruitlessly battling the naturally occurring flow of events/energy. You can start to become in step with the rhythm of the universe and your life, and use that knowledge to great advantage.

The I-Ching is not a fortune-telling method is that it does not definitively tell you what will happen - it suggests what is likely, and what course you would be best advised to chart, based on the underlying pattern of change at the present moment. It can also give you insight into further stages of change beyond the immediate picture, in other words, how the situation will likely develop. 

Another analogy that may help: imagine you are floating down a huge river, and there are innumerable strong currents hidden under the surface. You have no way of knowing which path down the river, which twists and turns to take, to avoid being swirled around, blocked, or even sunk. Now imagine you have a map of those hidden currents and whirlpools; you can choose your route with care, avoiding all those hazards and instead getting in line with a clean a powerful flow of water to whisk you down the river safely.

This is the reality of the situation we are all in - adrift on the vast river of life, with nothing but a small paddle. We can change direction but never successfully go against the flow. The extraordinary gift that the Ancients left us in the I-Ching is that it provides us with a map and guide.

Once Andrew has consulted with the I-Ching on your behalf, he will give you a clear and understandable interpretation of the outcome and advice. This process is part of the consultation as he may have further questions for you in order to correctly interpret the reading of the I-Ching for your situation. This is because the I-Ching is written in metaphorical and coded mystical language, the meanings of which can depend on the context. Additionally, there is an element of insight and spiritual connection to the I-Ching that informs the interpretation of the reading. Nevertheless, Andrew will guide you through the consultation in a clear and understandable way.

For more information or to book a consultation please use the email link below.